"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb
voting on what's for dinner.

Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting
the vote." —Benjamin Franklin

Monday, August 29, 2016


This was just too funny not to share!


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If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control

Hillary Clinton Statement On Health

Hillary Clinton Statement On Health

Graphic Footage of Hillary Clinton Could Damage Her

Graphic Footage of Hillary Clinton Could Damage Her

Man is Playing God

CERN is Behind The Mandela Effect 
and Strange Weather 
(Man is Playing God) 

KUDOS to this Malawian teenager!

An Engineer in the Making!

WikiLeaks Julian Assange IT IS TIME



Cannon Ball, ND — (Common Dreams) Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project. Support has spread across the country, and thousands have descended on the peaceful “prayer camps” in recent days, prompting state officials on Monday to remove the demonstrators’ drinking water supply.

North Dakota 'homeland security' director Greg Wilz ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the protest encampment, despite the sweltering heat, because of alleged disorderly conduct, according to the Bismarck Tribune, including reports of laser pointers aimed at surveillance aircraft.

“People are getting overheated now already,” said Johnelle Leingang, the tribe’s emergency response coordinator, as temperatures hovered around 90º F on Monday. “It’s very hurtful.”

Tribal activists say the state’s response, which includes surveillance, road blockades with military checkpoints, and a state of emergency declaration, has been overly aggressive and manipulative.

“It is deeply ironic that the Governor would release emergency funds under the guise of public health and safety, but then remove the infrastructure that helps ensure health and safety in the camp,” said Tara Houska, national campaigns director for Honor the Earth.

The supplies were provided last week by the North Dakota Department of Health at the tribe’s request to support the roughly 2,500 people now gathered along the Standing Rock reservation’s border on the Cannonball River, near where the pipeline is slated to cross.

LaDonna Allard, director of one of the prayer camps, said, “The gathering here remains 100 percent peaceful and ceremonial, as it has from day one. We are standing together in prayer…Why is a gathering of Indians so inherently threatening and frightening to some people?”

“This is nothing but repression of our growing movement to protect our water and future generations,” Houska added.

Standing Rock spokesman Steven Sitting Bear said he’s received “notifications from tribes all over the country that have caravans in route, so it’s continuing to grow.”

On Wednesday, high profile activists and supporters are rallying in Washington D.C. outside the U.S. District Court, where members of the Standing Rock Sioux will argue that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted Energy Transfer Corporation approval for the 1,172-mile pipeline without tribal consent.  (The U.S.A. criminal corporation has broken EVERY 'treaty' with EVERY tribe. This is land belonging by treaty to the tribes - the U.S.A. has no rights whatsoever to invade sovereign territory for ANY reason, especially not for making a pipeline for the purpose of MAKING MONEY for a group of oil investors.)

The tribe says that the pipeline—which will carry up to 570,000 barrels of fracked Bakken oil daily across four states to a market hub in Illinois—puts the sacred waters of the Missouri River at great risk.

Climate campaigner and 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben penned an op-ed on Monday offering a vision of “what it might mean if the Army Corps, or the Obama administration, simply said: ‘You know what, you’re right. We don’t need to build this pipeline.’”

“It would mean that after 525 years, someone had actually paid attention to the good sense that Native Americans have been offering almost from the start,” he continues:
One has the ominous sense of grim history about to be reenacted at Standing Rock. North Dakota authorities—who are in essence a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry—have insisted that the Sioux are violent, that they have “pipe bombs.” There are rumors about calling in the National Guard. The possibility for renewed tragedy is very real.
But the possibility for a new outcome is there as well. The Army Corps of Engineers might back off. The president might decide, as he did with Keystone, that this pipeline would “exacerbate” climate change and hence should be reviewed more carefully. We might, after five centuries, actually listen to the only people who’ve ever successfully inhabited this continent for the long term.
Construction on the pipeline remains halted after developers paused the project last week in anticipation of the Wednesday hearing.

Meanwhile, a U.S. District Court hearing on whether a preliminary injunction should be issued against the protesters has been rescheduled from Thursday to Sept. 8, although a restraining order against the demonstrators has also been extended until then. Filing the order on Monday, U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland wrote that factions are ‘”strongly encouraged to meet and confer in good faith’ to try and resolve the dispute out of court,” the Tribune reported.


Surprise: Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes

Link: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/surprise-gun-ownership-rises-to-44-of-all-homes/article/2600319
After a steady decline in gun ownership in recent years, more homes are reporting having a weapon inside, according to a new survey.
Pew Research Center, in a poll on guns released Friday, showed that 44 percent of the country has a gun in the house. Some 51 percent don't.

The survey firm didn't break those numbers out for special attention in reviewing American attitudes about background checks, an assault weapon ban or other gun issues, but it shows a jump in ownership from the mid-30 percent found in other recent polls.

CBS, for example, had gun ownership to a low of 36 percent. Gun sales have been on a tear over the past year, giving support for growing household ownership.

Interesting, those with guns and those without don't have major differences on some of the issues Pew surveyed, such as allowing gun ownership by those on no-fly lists.
Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com

Source:  http://nesara.news/index.php/surprise-gun-ownership-rises-to

Update on Living Law Firm Progress

by Anna Von Reitz

We expect that by the end of this week we will have the actual structure and mechanism of the foreclosure fraud detailed out, step by step, in a way that average non-accountants can follow along and grasp. That step by step will give the citations to the patents and trademarks and other public records that are all admissible evidence in any court. We are going to release this to the general public, for free, and let you have at it in your individual cases--- at the same time that we pursue remedy in behalf of all Americans. (Flag donations to this effort as: "End Foreclosure Fraud")

Non-Citizen Status:

We have determined that we, living, breathing Americans are called "United States Nationals" in Federal-eze when it comes to international affairs and are called "American State Nationals" or simply "Nationals" when it comes to business here at home. "National" refers to the land jurisdiction of this country.
So if you are talking to the Passport agencies, tell them you are a "United States National, not a United States Citizen" (unless, of course, you are actually employed by, dependent on, or voluntarily chartered as a corporation by the federal government) and if, for example, you are talking to the Governor of the State of New Mexico, tell him that you are a Texan (not a Resident) who has established residency (which is different) in New Mexico---and you'd like to know what is being done about illegal immigration?
We hope to have routed through the correct process for American State Nationals to obtain correct passports very soon and will publish that info as soon as we are sure we've nailed it down and have resource contacts for you. (Flag donations to this project as: "Correct Passports")

Name Change:
All research and all feedback received to date demonstrates the necessity of claiming back your Trade Name and re-conveying it to the land jurisdiction of the United States--- and recording the deed to your own Name. Otherwise, technically, you are a "disregarded entity" and these foreign corporations claim to own YOU --- and use the ACCOUNT NAME as a convenient handle to lay false claims against your assets. Once you have your own Trade Name back in your control and operating in proper jurisdiction you can use it to reclaim everything else. Several people have written and been distressed over more complex or expensive name-change processes in their states. Though I recommend getting a formal name change decree -- which puts the court on record as agreeing to your action---if at all possible, you can also try a simple Deed of Re-conveyance, laying claim to your Trade Name and removing it to the land jurisdiction of your actual state---- Arkansas State not State of Arkansas--- for example. Record it, and if necessary give a land description-- "land assets and moveable fixtures generally located at:________________________". (435 St. Mary's Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, for example).

Federal Marshals Education:
There are "Federal Marshals" tasked with peacekeeping on the land jurisdiction and there are "United States Marshals" tasked with law enforcement in the foreign, international jurisdiction of the sea. One executes the Public Law and the other executes private international corporate Statutes. Educating these men and women (and also their parallels in state and local government positions) is essential. Even our locally elected Sheriffs are in desperate need of education on these topics. We've launched an effort to write a quick-and-easy handbook for those responsible for protecting our communities. We are looking for people who have experience with e-publishing to help expedite this process and also for donations toward printing hard copies for free distribution of these materials. (Flag donations to this project: Law Education Fund.)

American States and Nations Bank:
We have a core group of banking experts working on three different but related tasks--- (1) creating a safe depository for American assets, especially those being returned from overseas; (2) creating secure international banks competent to work with both IEX and FOREX transactions and currency exchanges; (3) beginning to build actual State National Banks again, which are run by local bank associations. Along with this goes a lot of technical and security work---and we are doing the best we can to move it forward with limited start-up resources. This project also involves negotiations to receive long-stalled treaty funding owed to the actual States and Nations and recoupment of other property interests that have been held in abeyance----in some cases since before the Civil War. There are an estimated 45,000 accounts at the national level that have to be secured and audited---which does not begin to deal with the same job that needs to be done at the county and state levels. (Flag donations to this effort: ASAN)

Jural Assemblies:
Building knowledgeable and effective Jural Assemblies is the key to building competent and honest county governments to operate the land jurisdiction of this country. If you have a Jural Assembly already started in your county, join and support it. If not, contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly, and use their proven methods to start one. Bear in mind that members must make a decision and declare that they are not "United States Citizens" but are instead "American State Nationals" before they can regain their lawful status and act as American Common Law Jurors.
(Donate time and money locally.)
****Please Note**** when you act as a juror you are for the time you serve considered an "American State Citizen" because you are occupying an office of the actual State. The same is true for the judges, clerks, bailiffs, sheriffs, and others you elect to serve in your County. The word "citizen" always implies an obligation to serve the government. In this case, you are offering to serve as a Juror.
So, a member of a County Jural Assembly must be an American State Citizen during the time they serve as Jurors and when the people come together to serve on a "Citizens Common Law Grand Jury" this is the kind of jury referenced as the Fourth Branch of Government in Justice Antonin Scalia's famous ruling. This is American Common Law--- the Law of the Land--- in operation.
This is different from a Jural Society---which is what lawyers and "United States Citizens" belong to and use to operate the incorporated Counties in the international jurisdiction of the sea. When these people come together they also form what can be called a "Citizen's Common Law Jury" --- but they are operating under Martial Common Law, not the Law of the Land, and have no business pretending to be the Fourth Branch which was created to be a safeguard against usurpation and mismanagement by federal officials and employees, not just another fox to guard our hen house.

Jural Assembly = land jurisdiction (national) unincorporated
American State National = a man without obligation to government.
American State Citizen = man serving the government of his actual state on the land, for example Wisconsin State, Pennsylvania Commonwealth, etc., as a Juror, Clerk, Sheriff, etc.
Jural Society = sea jurisdiction (international) incorporated
United States Citizen = federal employee, dependent, or corporation serving that government, includes those operating the federated "State of" and "County of" franchises.

Always pay attention to the exact words being used. There is a world of difference between a "United States National" and a "United States Citizen" and an equally huge difference between a "Jural Assembly" and a "Jural Society".
You must educate yourselves to avoid being misidentified, victimized, or entrapped by all this duplicitous wordplay. You must also do this to be able to properly and lawfully run the powerful people-based government you are owed.

International Outreach:
I call it this, because with the exception of our Native American representatives in the United Nations there are no competent people able and willing to speak for America and the American States at this time who have been lawfully elected or otherwise granted ambassadorial capacities --except that as sovereigns of the land jurisdiction we have and individually retain the ability to speak for our states on the land and for the Union of these States of America formed by The Articles of Confederation--- under Article X.
This is the capacity in which I and my husband have been able to act as Judges and Ambassadors and Fiduciary Deputies for our States of America, and while---in theory at least---any living American can do this, not many of us have the education and capacity to do so at this time.
We find ourselves triple-tasked to: (1) find competent people in each state to enter into this work; (2) bring them up to speed and give them the information and tools they need; (3) get the current work done.
We have published many pieces of correspondence, both official correspondence when acting as Judges or Fiduciary Deputies, and private correspondences written to foreign leaders, so you have cause to know how important and time-consuming this effort to communicate with the rest of the world is.

Before we can solve problems we have to recognize what they are.
We have been able to detail where in history the train went off the track---- in England, during the reign of Queen Victoria, acting under the influence of Benjamin D'Israeli, leading to the subjugation of the English people by deceit and the subjugation of India by force.
This situation would be a Major Faux Pas if it were just the United States involved, but fortunately or unfortunately, most of the known world is involved in this mess.
The American People have to weigh in now to save their own bacon because they are being defrauded and mischaracterized and suffering extortion and racketeering at the hands of international banks and other commercial institutions. In raising our objections we must inform all the other people of the world who are similarly being run-ragged by gangs of officially sanctioned pirates and thieves.
And we must also "fully inform" those responsible. This means Congress. This means the United Nations. This means the IMF. This means the British Parliament. This means Queen Elizabeth. This means the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. And many, many, many, many more officials and corporate officers. This means, most especially, Pope Francis in his role as Roman Pontiff. Why? Because he can pull the charter on any incorporated entity that violates its charter and functions in a criminal manner----and he has the obligation to do so.

This is why members of the Catholic Church and Catholic Clergy have a crucial role to play in correcting this horrific situation, both in terms of manpower and outcry, and in terms of enforcement against the offending corporations. These corporations are only allowed to exist by consent. They have no natural basis for their being. When they get out of control, living men must be responsible for (a) correcting their administrators; (b) imposing fines and penalties for bad behavior; (c) liquidating them.
By very long standing international convention and agreement, the responsibility for that oversight has always been with the Roman Curia and the Pope functioning as the Pontiff of Rome. That's where it remains to this day.
My husband, I, and a dedicated group of others scattered across the United States and around the globe have spent incalculable hours engaged in this kind of forthright communication with "the entire world" for years at a time in order to raise the alarm, report the crime, and shine the light on the subversion of our treaties and agreements.
Now, maybe you feel overawed by the prospect of writing a letter to the President or the Pope or Queen Elizabeth or the Congress or Chief Justice Roberts or the Joint Chiefs of Staff---- but unless you do, who is going to? Just me and the chickens back home?
Everyone----absolutely everyone on this planet needs to know the Truth. Everyone needs to take up their oar and open their mouth and run their printing presses. I don't advise any blanket accusations or blaming. Just stick to the facts, which have been abundantly shared.
Along with all the written and verbal communication there is need for actual meetings with people--- and international travel. We have had to send researchers and for lack of a better word, agents, abroad, both to meet with members of foreign corporations and governments and banks and so on and on.
Not all the non-Bar attorneys are involved in this part of the effort, but the Senior Team Members are and we have funded the whole thing ourselves out of pocket. So--- you can see my private letter to Pope Francis and UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon to get a taste of what is going on with all that and if you want to help fund these efforts, please flag donations as "Foreign Outreach".

Finally, thank you, all of you, who are waking up and waking others. Thank you for your efforts and your researches and your prayers and your donations. Please understand that this is all coming to a boil and I am now over my head in work. For those who are just getting oriented and all those who want citations and references, start with the eleven pages of citations in my book "Disclosure 101" and then all the citations in "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"----both available on Amazon. And if you are still stumped, refer to my "Timeline".

God bless America this Sunday, and all our States of America, and all our dearly beloved People.

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The Watchmen

by Anna Von Reitz

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.” Ezekiel 33:6 
There is a principle in Law that we are responsible for both our acts and our inaction.
If you witness a murder and have the opportunity to take action to stop it without forfeit of your own life and fail to take such action, you are an accomplice to the crime.
This was forcefully brought home to me when a friend witnessed a violent mugging in a parking lot in California.  An elderly couple getting into their car outside a mall were approached at gunpoint by a middle aged man intent on robbing them. My friend just happened to be in position to ram his car into the robber without endangering the elderly couple.  This may have saved their lives.
However, following the dictum that "no good deed goes unpunished" my friend was arrested by the police (who, as always, weren't there when the crime was going down) and charged with a laundry list of felonies and misdemeanors including "Attempted Vehicular Homicide". 
He was also sued by the gunman in a civil suit for damages. (The rat was knocked to the pavement and sustained bruises, abrasions, and a broken wrist---- the same hand that was holding the gun.  I am sure you are all sobbing in sympathy with him.)
Isn't this just Every Good Man's nightmare?
But this is the way it is in the upside-down, crazy-making world of political correctness.  The criminal gets taken to a hospital in an ambulance, treated for free, and given all due care and respect, while the actual victims, the elderly couple though badly shaken, were patted on the back and sent home without ado and the hero of the story had his car impounded and a free ride downtown to the jail.
No wonder so many Americans are afraid to stand up and do what is practical or right.
Naturally, my friend consulted me---- "God Almighty!  How do I deal with this?"
You plead your duty.
If he had witnessed this and could have without undue risk to himself intervened---and failed to do so, he would have been an accomplice to the crime.  He did in fact have the ability to complete such an intervention and he did so, which was established by the fact that he succeeded in interrupting and stopping the robbery without starting a firefight in the parking lot and even without any significant injury to anyone involved.
Though hungry for those penal bonds, the judge had to agree.  My friend had done his duty and couldn't be charged with anything.  Same thing with the civil charges.  The judge told the mugger's lawyer, "I suppose I can't blame you for trying...."
The nasty threats evaporated like the hot air they were and everyone went home for a cold beer.
This little story is important for a number of reasons.  It shows how you can be damned if you do and damned if you don't. 
Each one of us has to think --- before it happens --- what you might do in similar circumstances.  Do you act and maybe get killed or after the fact get charged with wrong-doing as this man did?   Do you sit there like a lump and let two old people get mugged at gunpoint and possibly killed even though you could step on the accelerator? 
We all make our choices.  Make yours long beforehand, so that if you are in such a situation, you know what to do and know where your heart and duty lies.
Some years ago, also in California, my husband came home from the bank looking rather pale.  He was there when an attempted bank robbery took place. Two men took him and ten other people hostage including a pregnant lady only two weeks from her due date and pushed them around and waved guns at everyone and at the cashiers. 
One of the robbers poked his gun into the pregnant woman's belly and bellowed at her to get down on the ground. 
And at that moment, he met his Maker. Boom. End of story.  The other gunman turned around to look into the steely eyes of an 82 year-old woman holding a steady bead on him with a .38 revolver and she just as steadily said, "That will be enough of that."
The police arrived and everyone but the dead bank robber went home in one piece.  No charges were filed.
She had made her choice a long time ago not to live in fear and not to put up with criminals.  And that was all there was to it. 
The police don't like vigilantes for two reasons--- (1) some vigilantes get out of control and become like the criminals they hate and (2) vigilantes do their jobs for them and make them look bad.
The plain fact is that the police are virtually guaranteed not to be around when you need them.  They aren't going to be there when some gang of hoodlums kicks in your door.  Or somebody car-jacks you.  Or some pervert grabs your daughter. 
There aren't enough police to do that, there aren't enough truly committed police to do the job if they are present, and last but not least, protecting you and your private property is not their job.  At least not according to the courts.
So make no mistake, you are not only responsible for your own safety and welfare, you are responsible for the safety and welfare of others, too.  Learning self-defense techniques, learning how to responsibly use a gun, and most of all, thinking about it before something bad happens--- can be the difference between life and death for you and for others.
We can all thank God that there are "watchmen" among us--- men and women who not only carry guns, but who are prepared to knowledgeably and responsibly use them in self-defense or defense of others. 
I am often asked--- "Aren't you afraid to speak out?" 
What choice do I have?  If I remain silent, I am an accomplice to the crime.  If I "cash out the bond" on ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, I get all sorts of money for myself, but force enslavement on other innocent people. 
Again, it is damned if you do and damned if you don't.  And again, you have to think things through beforehand.
These rats have only gotten away with what they've gotten away with for so long, because people were blinded by the illusions of money and power over others.  Those who spoke up they either killed --- like Congress Louis T. McFadden and JFK--- or ignored like the Georgia State Legislature -- or bought off like millions of others.
You have to ask yourself--- do I want to be a slave?  Or a slave master?  Or none of the above?
It is apparent to me that I want nothing whatsoever to do with any filthy "system" that enslaves people.  I neither want to be victimized by it nor to benefit from it.
I want it stomped out of existence and never to raise its ugly head again. And I note that just as it required faith for Moses to march out of Egypt, it requires faith from each one of us today to take a stand and put an end to the whole modern day Babylonian enslavement racket. 

I am a Watchman,  crying from the battlements.  I am a Shepherd, guarding His sheep.  When the day comes, I will already know my answer.  Ezekiel will find no fault with me.
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Be Inspired. Be VERY Inspired.....


Be  Inspired. Be  VERY  Inspired.....

by Anna Von Reitz

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Today I have to share one of my all-time favorites so far to come out of all the efforts of Americans to tell government where to stop.

When two Oregon Ranchers were contacted by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife authorities about conducting a habitat survey project on their land related to an endangered frog species---which could be used as an excuse to confiscate or interfere with their use of their property--- they promptly wrote back:

Dear Mr. Niemela:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding accessing our property to survey for the yellow-legged frog. We may be able to help you out with this matter.
We have divided our 2.26 acres into 75 equal survey units with a draw tag for each unit. Application fees are only $8.00 per unit after you purchase the “Frog Survey License” ($120.00 resident / $180.00 Non-Resident). You will also need to obtain a “Frog Habitat” parking permit ($10.00 per vehicle). You will also need an “Invasive Species” stamp ($15.00 for the first vehicle and $5.00 for each add’l vehicle) You will also want to register at the Check Station to have your vehicle inspected for non-native plant life prior to entering our property. There is also a Day Use fee, $5.00 per vehicle.

If you are successful in the Draw, you will be notified two weeks in advance so you can make necessary plans and purchase your “Creek Habitat” stamp. ($18.00 Resident / $140.00 Non-Resident). Survey units open between 8am and 3pm but you cannot commence survey until 9am and must cease all survey activity by 1pm.

Survey Gear can only include a net with a 2″ diameter made of 100% organic cotton netting with no longer than an 18″ handle, non-weighted and no deeper than 6′ from net frame to bottom of net. Handles can only be made of BPA-free plastics or wooden handles. After 1pm you can use a net with a 3″ diameter if you purchase the “Frog Net Endorsement” ($75.00 Resident / $250 Non-Resident). Any frogs captured that are released will need to be released with an approved release device back into the environment unharmed.
As of June 1, we are offering draw tags for our “Premium Survey” units and application is again only $8.00 per application. However, all fees can be waived if you can verify Native Indian Tribal rights and status.
You will also need to provide evidence of successful completion of “Frog Surveys and You” comprehensive course on frog identification, safe handling practices, and self-defense strategies for frog attacks. This course is offered online through an accredited program for a nominal fee of $750.00.
Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you. Otherwise, we decline your access to our property but appreciate your inquiry.
Larry & Amanda Anderson
Don't believe they did it?  The actual letters involved in this correspondence are posted online: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/markmeckler/2016/06/oregon-rancher-receives-government-request-to-survey-his-property-read-his-brilliant-response/
This is exactly the kind of response that is necessary--- gentle, but to the point, and guaranteed to both make people think and put an end to the nonsense.
The fact is that there are many, many ways to respond to "government" that expose the Truth and which protect your rights which are perfectly correct and lawful and nonetheless provide a powerful deterrent.  Find them. Use them. Teach others to do the same.  
Sounds like Larry and Amanda Anderson should be offering a tutorial ($25 for residents, $575 for non-residents) on "How to Communicate With Bureaucrats".
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Clinton and Gore: 2 peas in a pod

When politics and justice collide: Clinton case echoes Gore probe

A special 'Gore' report for Tom Heneghan

WASHINGTON — The Democratic presidential candidate’s interview with federal investigators was hours-long.

The questions, including tense exchanges about missing emails from a high-profile government archive, spanned years when the then-candidate was one of the most senior officials in government.

If the political drama sounds familiar, it should.

Hillary Clinton’s current struggles with an email scandal, the aftermath of a Justice Department investigation and serious questions about fundraising activities closely track the fraught political landscape then-vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore confronted in 2000.

Sixteen years ago, then-attorney general Janet Reno rejected for a third time a recommendation to appoint a special counsel to investigate Gore's campaign fundraising activities in 1996. (After refusing to set fire - at the Clinton's direction - to innocent people in the Koresh/Waco murders, and where several of the FORMER Clinton bodyguards were set up to be executed at Waco, Janet Reno had been horizontalized, and a clone replacement followed who did the bidding of her 'handlers'.) 

Like last month’s recommendation by FBI Director James Comey not to pursue criminal charges related to Clinton’s handling of classified information on a private email server while secretary of State, Reno’s decision infuriated Republicans and followed the general election campaign to its historically disputed end.

Until the Clinton email inquiry, the scrutiny of Gore's activities marked the last time a Justice probe so closely shadowed a presidential campaign. While nearly two decades removed, both cases underscore a high-stakes process in which political considerations are virtually impossible to exclude from crucial investigative decision-making.

Former Justice officials and analysts said that while agents largely operate apart from such artificial deadlines, key landmarks in fast-moving election cycles loom like ticking clocks for case managers and other department officials.

"You don't want to artificially move too quickly because of some set date in the future and you don't want to artificially drag your feet, but you feel the clock ticking,'' said Charles LaBella, former director of the Justice Department's campaign finance task force. "There is a tension there.''

LaBella was among those whose calls for an independent counsel to investigate possible fundraising abuses by Gore and then-President Clinton was rejected by Reno, as Gore was prepping for a White House run.

In such politically charged cases, LaBella said the other case managers "kept an eye'' on the election calendar but it didn't control the direction of investigations.

LaBella said he met with Reno at least once, or sometimes twice a week, to update the attorney general on the progress of his unit's investigations. Although Reno overruled LaBella's 1998 recommendation and similar guidance from his successor, Robert Conrad, in 2000, the former Justice official said the attorney general never sought to discourage the unit's investigations.

"She always said, 'Leave no stone unturned,' " LaBella said. "She never put pressure on us.''

The scrutiny of Gore and Clinton fundraising activities focused in part on the vice president's 1996 visit to a Buddhist temple in Hacienda Heights, Calif., for a fundraiser that involved illegal contributions; separate questions about donor calls made from the White House; and missing emails that had been requested as part of congressional investigations.

In an interview at the time with Justice prosecutors, Gore said he "sure as hell'' didn't recall knowing that the temple event was a fundraiser. Asked about the missing emails, he said: "I have no idea.''

"I realize that politics will be hurled around my head,'' Reno said shortly after making the 2000 decision to reject a special counsel for Gore. "I just sit there and duck as it comes and continue to look at the evidence and the law and make the best judgment I can.

"You don't put people through an investigation where you don't, based on the law and principles that govern our conduct, think you can find the evidence that would justify further action,'' Reno said.

Last month, Comey defended his decision not to recommend criminal charges against Clinton, asserting that the FBI's review was "apolitical'' and the unanimous assessment of a group of investigators and analysts whom the director described as an “all-star team’’ assembled by the Justice Department.

Ron Hosko, a former FBI assistant director who oversaw political corruption investigations, said that while political considerations are not supposed to factor into investigative decisions, "it's in your mind.''

Hosko was not involved in the Hillary Clinton inquiry, but he said there were cases when, because of a looming election, "we knew we had to press forward with all deliberate speed in the summer because if we hit in September or October that could have been interpreted as interfering with an election.''

"We did not take steps that would appear to influence an election,'' Hosko said. "If we needed to take one more step (in an investigation during an election cycle) there would be a consideration for how much of a splash it was going to make.''

Gerald Hebert, executive director of the Campaign Legal Center and a former Justice Department official, said that while there was regular discussion about how to proceed in politically charged cases, department policy was clear: "A federal investigation should not become an issue in an election.''

While Comey's announcement in the Clinton email case may have been extraordinary, Hebert said it was "the right call to make'' regardless of whether it involved a presidential candidate.

"If you know there is going to be no prosecution, there's no violation of the law, are you going to sit on that investigation for months?'' Hebert said. "I don't think so.''



Largest Plot Ever Discovered To Destroy America thanks to Guccifer


White  House  Emails  Reveal  Largest  Plot  Ever  Discovered  To  Destroy  America  

August 28 2016

An absolutely chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report to the Security Council (SC) circulating in the Kremlin today is using secretly obtained” Obama-Clinton regime White House emails to detail what can only be described as the largest plot ever discovered to destroy democracy in America, and that rivals the 1932-1933 Business Plot where powerful 'elites' in the United States sought to overthrow the newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt and establish a fascist state and align it with Germany’s National Socialist Party. 
With the Business Plot having failed because the 'elite coup' leaders choose America’s most famous military figure, General Smedley Butler, to lead their 500,000 man private army against President Roosevelt, but who remained patriotic to the citizens of his nation and reported them to the US Congress, today’s Obama-Clinton regime plot against the American people “may very well succeed.

To how the SVR discovered this current plot against the American people by the Obama regime was due to “electronic countermeasures” employed by Federation intelligence analysts against a Romanian computer hacker named Marcel Lazăr Lehel (aka Guccifer) who had attempted to gain access to Russian computer systems—but whom had, also, gained access to Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email servers that, in turn, “gave/allowed” these intelligence analysts access to the White House documents cited in this report.   

Though the exact wording of these White House emails are forbidden to be publicly released under Federation law due to their highly secret classification rating, the SVR in citing them in this report to the Security Council (who are allowed to read them in full) detail how the Obama-Clinton regime has joined with America’s top technology giants to subvert the upcoming US presidential election.

Taking the lead with the Obama-Clinton regime in this plot against the American people, is the global technology giant Alphabet Inc. (owner of the internet search giant Google) who the SVR has confirmed visited the White House 427 times since President Obama took office, or more than once a week over a period of nearly seven years, and whose trips included 363 meetings in total, attended by 169 Google/Alphabet Inc. employees — from executives to software engineers — and 182 officials from the White House.

To why Google-Alphabet Inc. joined this Obama-Clinton plot was due to the stunning US government contracts they were “gifted”, and that began in 2010 when they were given the email contract for the US government worth millions—and who now gain the majority of their revenue from the over $80 billion paid by the American government to them and other large US technology companies.   (NOW many of you are learning WHY your emails, articles and other accounts are being CENSORED, EVEN DROPPED!!!)

Not just in direct US government contracts have these American technology giants benefited, either, but also from the over $4 billion in public relations monies spent by the Obama-Clinton regime in boosting their profiles among the citizens of that nation, too. 

In exchange for these billions-of-dollars these White House emails detail how Google-Alphabet Inc. would use “all of its power” to shut down dissent in America, and even worse, “spin” the 2016 presidential election towards Hillary Clinton and away from Donald Trump.

Joining with Google-Alphabet Inc. in subverting the 2016 US presidential election, SVR analysts in this report detail, citing these White House emails, are American technology giants Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at least 15 other internet companies owned and affiliated with them.

Though many independent journalists in the US have begun reporting on how these technology giants are now colluding with the Obama-Clinton regime to destroy Donald Trump, and called by some as “the left’s greatest weapon in peoples hands right now”, this alarming SVR report shockingly details how it is being done with over 500 pages of examples, some of which include:

From Google:

1.)    Their disabling of advertisements on all websites critical of the Obama-Clinton regime, including the globally popular Antiwar.com, in order to destroy them.
5.)    Being supported in their hiding Hillary Clinton health information by the New York Times, with one of their insiders admitting what they’re doing.  

From Facebook:

From Twitter:

Though literally thousands of other examples can be cited from this SVR report detailing how the White House has corrupted these, and many more, American technology giants, in order to destroy the US democratic system, this reports frightening conclusion details how the NSA is now actively supporting this, too—and that was evidenced by yesterday’s US government attack against the DCLeaks.com website (while Twitter, working with the NSA was shutting down the DCLeaks account) that destroyed the over 2,500 documents proving how George Soros was actively working with the Obama-Clinton regime to overthrow President Putin and destroy Russia—and is why Putin has warned: “It it’s Hillary, it’s war”.  


August 18 2016

Scientist Explains What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil!

Scientist Explains What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil!
February 21, 2016

According to many alternative doctors as well as the results of some medical research, aluminum foil can be a great substitute for harmful and expensive drugs.
Inline image 1

Russian and Chinese healers have been using its beneficial properties to relieve various health problems simply and naturally.Even the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, a student of the famous and respectable Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, referred to the practice and the methods of this form of treatment.
According to the experience that alternative doctors have gathered over many years, aluminum foil can successfully and quickly eliminate:
  • pains in the spine, neck, arms, knees, feet, joints
  • muscular pains
  • effects of inflammatory processes
  • postoperative scars
  • burns
The Russian scientist A. V. Skvortsov described its miraculous powers:
“Special energy-structuring resources are used during healing, such as products of aluminum foil.
The human organism contains special stem cells, which continuously interact with the Earth’s energy field.
This field is deformed due to various reasons, disrupting the energy supply to the stem cells.
The foil’s surface reflects the Earth’s energy field and magnifies it several times as a huge focusing magnifying glass, which restoring the disrupted interaction between the cells and the energy field.”
Wraps against muscle and joint pains
According to the Chinese and many other alternative doctors, aluminum foil should be used externally for therapeutical purposes.
This treatment may alleviate various ailments such as pains in the neck, back, arms, legs and joints.
It is also effective with sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and heel aches.
It has also been proved to relieve the pain on the post-operative scar tissues.
Lay the aluminum foil on the sore spot and fasten it with a bandage or a band-aid. Leave it for the entire day or overnight.
If the pain involves arms, elbows, knees, legs or fingers, you can wrap the foil around the extremity and fasten it with a bandage, band-aid or a common scotch tape.
Apply the therapy for 10 to 12 days and then make a one to two week break. If the ailments persist, you may repeat the therapy.
Treatment against flu and cold
Aluminum foil may be a great ally in the fight against infections.
A treatment with aluminum foil can help you overcome a strong cold in just a couple of days, without the unnecessary use of harmful medications.
Perform the anti-inflammatory treatment in the following way:
Wrap the foil around the feet in five to seven layers. Put cotton or paper between the layers.
Leave the wrap in this place for about an hour and then remove it.
Two hours later, place a new wrap and also leave it for an hour.
Follow up with another two-hour break and finally place the third and the last wrap.
The treatment should take seven days.
First aid with burns
The pain from burns caused by fire, hot water, oil, steam and other liquids may be very successfully relieved by pressing or wrapping aluminum foil over the burnt spot.
Expose the burnt part of the body to cold running water for several minutes.
If the skin is not damaged, dry the area with a clean, soft cloth.
If the skin has been damaged, use a sterile gauze and use it to absorb the water from the wound.
After drying the wound, apply a thin layer of an ointment for burns on the affected area. This will help prevent the gauze from sticking to the wound.
Cover the damaged part of the skin with a dry piece of a sterile gauze.
Cut a piece of the aluminum foil and place it over the sore portion of the skin (if the burn is not open) or over the gauze (in case of an open burn) and fasten it with tape.
If the burns involve arms or legs, you can wrap the foil around the extremities.
Leave the foil until the pain subsides.
Protection against post-amputation (phantom) pain
Some researches suggest that the pain which appears after an amputation of an extremity (known as phantom pain) may be relieved by aluminum foil.
The British Journal of Pain published the results of a study performed on amputees.
It confirmed that the pain was far milder in the group of people whose limbs were wrapped by aluminum foil compared to the group in which such a therapy was not applied.
For this treatment, wrap the aluminum foil around the amputated part of the body, fasten with tape and remove when the pain subsides or disappears.
Against traces of insomnia and fatigue
If you wish to look fresh and rested after a sleepless night, try using the advice of world-famous makeup artists.
Cut aluminum foil into strips and place them in a freezer for several hours.
Place the frozen strips on the areas you want to refresh – your face, cheeks or eyelids.
Leave them there for several moments, until you feel they have relaxed.
The traces of insomnia, fatigue and stress which usually reflect on the facial skin should soon disappear.
Which side to use?
Opinions differ regarding which side of the foil should be used in this treatment.
Some scientists advocate this procedure: for heating and keeping the heat place the shiny side on the inside, directly on the skin, while keeping the matte side on the outside.
For cooling and protection from the heat – the matte side should be on the inside, and the shiny side on the outside.
Still, other scientists claim that it doesn’t matter which side you use, since they are equally effective.
Source www.healthandhealthyliving.com